fpm is a great tool for building native packages.

Running analytics has been subtly shapping what I write about and Iʼm changing that.

Otto is a major evolution of Vagrant that fixes a variety of pain points in Vagrant

Apple Music has been out for a while and Iʼve been using. It nice in some ways but it is frustrating in others.

On my computer, I have all of my source code in a single dire...

How I handle any errors in Riemann when sending events to InfluxDB v0.9. It also has a couple of performance improving options thrown in.

Centralized logging is a critical tool in any IT operation. The Elk stack is a very useful set of tools to get the up and running.

Ansible is my configuraiton management tools of choice. Itʼs extremely dependable and predictable but, itʼs not without its warts.

In the last year, Iʼve been responsable for running a small saas companies infastructure. These are the things that Iʼve learned about my chosen tools.