A picture of my whole desk

I recently made quite a large change in my life, I moved 1400 miles. I thought that it would be good to document the wa...

A screenshot of my iPhone's homescreen in 2015

Better late than never, here is the screenshot of my home screen. While there have been some fairly changes to my home screen this year, I’m surprised by the number of apps that...

Apple software quality feels terrible. I’m really considering switching to Linux but, there are quite a few things that I would miss.

An excellent offline Documentation viewer and search for OS X and iOS

Inspired by Justin Williams’ posts about the tools he uses, here is my updated tools list for this year.

The Code is the perfect standard layout mechanical keyboard

There happens to be a great many descriptions of how to do this particular thing readily available with just a search but, all of the ones that I was able to find left me wanting. Depending on the system’s use, we use either Nginx or Haproxy. Ha...

This year, I chose to get the big iPhone, the 6+. This year’s improvements are huge, just like the sizes.