Adding Tasks to OmniFocus from Windows

I've come up with a way to do this without requiring you to open up OmniFocus on your iPhone. See my new post about A better Outlook to OmniFocus workflow on Windows

I remember reading sometime ago about someone that was using Exchange Task sync with iOs to put tasks from Outlook into OmniFocus(if someone knows who this was, please tell me). I couldn’t try it out at the time, since I was on an iPhone 4 and the Reminders integration in OmniFocus requires Siri(Although for this particular use case, I wish that they wouldn’t). Now that I have an iPhone 5, I’ve got it setup. This is helped a lot by Apple releasing an API to access Reminders in iOs 6. Heres what I did to get it working.

First off, you will probably need to set your default Reminders list, while this isn’t required, I’m guessing that most people will still want to be able to use the Siri to OmniFocus workflow.

Open up settings

Tap on Reminders

Tap on Default Reminders

Select the Reminders list that you would like to be the default

I would recommend creating a new Task list in Outlook before setting this up. Whenever I tried to set the default Reminders list to Tasks, my iPhone wouldn’t accept it. It looked like it did, but if I went back into the menu, the default Reminders list would show back up.

After you have that all setup, open up Omnifocus.

Open up OmniFocus and open up the preferences

Scroll down

Tap on the Reminders option

Then select the default list

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now, when you add a task in Outlook on your PC, it should also add to OmniFocus when you open it. It kind of depends on the speed of Exchange syncing your tasks over to the iPhone. I’m not sure how long it takes or if you need to open up Reminders before launching OmniFocus. It seems to work pretty well, but let me know if you run into any issues.


As it turns out, reminders do sync to your iPhone in the background. So you shouldn’t need to open up Reminders to get it to sync. Also, don’t expect the order of things to be the same. They don’t sync in the same order that you enter them.