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Bigger iPhones

The “right size” principle was disproven. We were wrong.</ Tomorrow, Apple is extremely likely to launch this yearʼs new iPhone in 4.7- and 5.5-inch screen sizes, blowing away even more of our previous assumptions and theories, and we can’t wait to get these bigger phones. (Well, most of us.) &mdash Marco Arment</figcaption>

I joined both Marco and John Gruber in thinking that 3.5″ was the perfect size for a phone. Previous to getting my iPhone 4, I had a couple of Android phones. I started with Motorola Droid. At that time, I didnʼt have much of a choice of phones. I could have either gotten a Blackberry or a Droid. When I went to upgrade, there were a few different options but, I went with the HTC Droid Incredible. I had a few different options but, I went with the Droid Incredible because it had a rather small screen size. Following that, I got an iPhone 4.

When I got the iPhone 4, I thought it was the perfect phone. The size felt great. I couldnʼt imagine how a bigger phone could be better. Of course, 2 years later Apple introduced the 5 with its larger screen, lighter weight and also the smaller volume. The last 2 parts of that are extremely important. An iPhone 4 resized to 4″ would have been awful. Both the thickness and the heft of it would have made it uncomfortable to use. Of course Apple didnʼt do that.

Now, itʼs expected that Apple will be announcing both a 4.7″ and a 5.5″ iPhone. This time around, Iʼm fully ready for the increase. Assuming that Apple does as expected, Iʼm planning on getting the 5.5″ iPhone. I now realized that there are 3 things that a much larger iPhone would be worse at: actually using it as a phone, using it one handed, and pocket-ability. I so rarely do either of the first two things that the benefits far out-weigh the downsides.

I almost never use my iPad anymore. I do miss the larger screen of the iPad fairly often but, itʼs a pain to drag the iPad around with me as well as the iPhone. What I really want is a device with a larger screen that I always have with me. That is what we will be getting. Iʼm excited.