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A Community for Vagrantfiles

I think there should be a community for Vagrantfiles (and their corresponding provisioning scripts), which I envision as being a sort of an awesome mashup of Google, Github, and Reddit. Basically, it would just be a CRUD app where people could submit and vote on Vagrant environments for particular stacks (want a MEAN stack? Here’s the definitive one, etc.). That way, if you wanted to start a new project with a particular stack, you could just git clone the project, optionally delete the .git directory to start fresh, run vagrant up and be done with it. This is the sort of workflow we used to get going on a Laravel app when we won Startup Weekend and it worked incredibly well.
Nathan Leclaire

I agree that this is needed. I’ve been using Vagrant for quite a while. I’ve used it for a large number of projects, almost all of my projects have a Vagrant environment. In spite of all of my usage, every time I start a new project, it always takes me a long time to figure out how I’m going to setup the provisioning. I would love to have some sort of directory for Vagrantfiles. Most likely, this would only be a starting point, but even that would be a huge improvement.

There are a couple of solutions to this problem, PuPHPet and Rove but, they aren’t enough. PuPHPet is focused on PHP, even if it is extended to include other languages, the generated files are horrendous. Even if you wanted to use PuPHPet as a starting point and extend it, it would take way more to extended it then to start from scratch. Rove has a different problem. I still haven’t quite figured out how to make it make a complete environment for an app.

I’m up for building it. Let me know know if you’re interested.