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Include the Version Number

If you’re going to post some sort of tip/tutorial for a piece of software, be sure to include the version that it works with. This is a daily occurrence for me:

  1. search for how to do something with Drupal
  2. find exactly what it is that I’m looking for
  3. it doesn’t specify what version of Drupal it works with
  4. Try it anyway
  5. Turns out it isn’t for Drupal 7
  6. Search again, this time specifying “drupal 7”
  7. Sort through multiple pages of things somewhat related to what I’m trying to find
  8. Find something close-ish and try it
  9. Repeat 8 an indefinite number of times until something works correctly

I could cut out a number of these steps if everyone would just include what version of Drupal their tutorial works with. Of course, this applies for pretty much any piece of software. I’m sure your readers will appreciate it.