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Kansas Gay Discrimination Bill

If that sounds overblown, consider the bill itself. When passed, the new law will allow any individual, group, or private business to refuse to serve gay couples if “it would be contrary to their sincerely held religious beliefs.” Private employers can continue to fire gay employees on account of their sexuality. Stores may deny gay couples goods and services because they are gay. Hotels can eject gay couples or deny them entry in the first place. Businesses that provide public accommodations—movie theaters, restaurants—can turn away gay couples at the door. And if a gay couple sues for discrimination, they won’t just lose; they’ll be forced to pay their opponent’s attorney’s fees. As I’ve noted before, anti-gay businesses might as well put out signs alerting gay people that their business isn’t welcome.
Mark Joseph Stern on Slate

In what universe is this right? This is terrible in every single way. If your religion tells you that you need to reject gay people, its wrong. Time to find a new religion, or better yet, realize that the sky fairies that you believe in, don’t exist.

I don’t understand the fear of gay people that clearly exists. Are you afraid that they might make you gay? A gay person can’t make you gay any more than an intelligent person can make you smart. What exactly have gay people done to cause all of this hate to be directed towards them? Surely the atrocities committed in the name of religion should make us more afraid of religious people instead of gay people.