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Own Your Words

The issue for me isn’t legal rights to the content, or revenue generation, or even control over advertising. Those are all legitimate concerns, but they’re also valid for platforms where other people host your own personal blog, and I don’t have a problem with those. Likewise, writing words that others pay for is a choice. No problem there either.

I do have an issue with giving away your words just because it’s easy to do so. By default, your words should be yours, and that means more than being attributed: it also means gathering them together in your own publication, controlled by you, that serves as a place for your own voice to be heard above (and instead of) all others.

Matt Gemmell

I very much agree. This is why I run my own blog, both here and on I feel like if you want to write, you should take credit for it. You also also own your online presence. You should own the domain. You should be able to choose how your words are presented.

I would never use something like Medium. While it looks great and great to use, it is made to be exactly opposite of what I just described. Building an audience is tough but, its a worthwhile pursuit.