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Stagnate Blogging Tools

10. The tools for blogging have been extraordinarily stagnant. One of the reasons the art form of blogging isn’t particularly respected lately is because the tools essentially stopped evolving a decade ago. The experience of writing, for most people, isn’t even substantially different than it was when I started 15 years ago, despite the rise of the social web and mobile apps taking over during that timeframe. This matters because tools deeply influence content. And this stagnation is particularly egregious when we consider that almost every common behavior on the big social networks is a subset of what we originally thought blogging might be. — 15 Lessons From 15 Years Of Blogging By Anil Dash

Iʼm going to violate Anilʼs 9th lesson to discuss this point. It is something that Iʼm keenly aware of. I havenʼt found a great way to blog yet. Iʼm currently using Ghost. It shows much promise. It may turn into a really great tool eventually but, right now it is a little bit raw. Theyʼve been making great strides with every release but, itʼs still very light on features. Iʼm not sure that it will turn into the tool that Iʼm looking for.