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Static Site Generators focus on the wrong things

SSGs focus on the wrong problem. They focus too much on getting the non-functional requirements right. More secure, more portable, more flexible, more hackable.

The functional requirements in blogging are:

  • less friction to publish - encourage more frequent blogging improved audience experience
  • better analytics to understand audience
  • help in increasing views
Pankaj More

I go back and forth on this. On the one hand, I really like having all of my posts in simple text files on disk. I’m a bit of a plain text nerd so, that is an awesome feeling for me.

On the other hand, I hate not being able to post from any device. Itʼs a crappy feeling. Sure, with how I have things set up, all I need is a device with git but, I do have two devices that don’t have decent git access. One of them, it happens to be my most used device, is my iPhone. I know that there is Sgit but, the last thing that I want to do is jump into and to write a blog post. The other device is an iPad. I’m not aware of a git client for it. I think that Git Mongo cab commit and push but, Iʼm not going to spend $10 to find out. There is but, that only works if you host your blogʼs git repository on GitHub. Not to mention that I find it to be incredibly painful to use.

As Iʼve clearly illustrated, Iʼm very much on making publishing easier side of the pendulum swing right now. Some people may have noticed that I switched my blog back to Ghost about a week ago. Obviously it hasnʼt helped much with the rate of my blog posts but, Iʼm happy with my setup once again.

What does this all mean? Not a whole lot. Just use whatever feels right to you. There are certainly downsides to every system, so, just use whatever makes sense to you.

I do take a small amount of issue with a couple of the alternative that Mr. More suggests. He suggests using Medium, Svbtle or Ghost. Iʼm certainly fine with Ghost but, the other two I would consider to be non-options. If youʼre taking the time to blog, you should own your words. In a technical sense, you still own your words with either Svbtle or Medium but, you donʼt control the experience of people on your site. This is not something that you should give up. If you aren’t very familiar with blogging, then I would suggest using either hosted Ghost or (be sure to purchase your own domain name for your site) as both allow you to easily transition into hosting your site yourself.