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Iʼve been using the Bellroy Slim Sleeve but it was starting to look a little worse for wear. The multiple trips through the washing machine definitely didnʼt help. At one point in time, I filled it with too many cards which, caused it to stretch. Picking the glossy black finish wasnʼt a great idea. It doesnʼt look great once it starts to wear. So, I decided that I needed to make a change.

I was looking for something rather specific. I wanted it to be smaller than the Bellroy Slim Sleeve, preferrably much smaller. I also didnʼt want it to be leather due to the wearing issues that I had with my Slim Sleeve. Only seldomly do I carry cash, so that wasnʼt a huge priority. What I decided on, after a great deal of research, was the Supr.

The Supr is one of a great many slim wallets that have appeared in the last few years. It features an extremely simple design, its just an elastic band with an opening for cards. This is what drew me to it.

The Supr is extremely small. Its just an elastic loop with the bottom sealed. you are then able to slip cards into the open side. it can fit quite a large number of cards and it stays slim even with a rather large number of cards in it. You can even slip in a number of folded bills if grips the cards very tightly so you dont need to worry about them falling out. another benefit is that is is fairly inexpensive.

The supr empty

Its not without its flaws. its just an elastic loop with everything that entails. its the reason for the thinness but it also feels fairly crappy. it starts out looking fine but over time it starts to look a little bit gross. it starts to look more like an elastic band over time. Getting cards out of it isnʼt convient. If its the front or back card then, you can just slide those cards out. If its anything else, then you need to take all of the cards out in order to get to the one that you are looking for.

The supr open

That is all just the way that I justify not liking it. The real reason that I donʼt like it is that I donʼt like pulling it out. It feels crappy and it looks crappy. I donʼt like that feeling. That goes back to the original reason that I was looking for a new wallet, I wanted something that I liked, not just something that was practical.

Iʼve replaced it already. I spent a month and a half with the Supr but, its not my kind of wallet. It might work for you if you are looking for something that values size over everything else. Other than that, I canʼt think of a reason to recommend it. Even though it is quite inexpensive, it feels cheaper than its price tag. Its a crappy experience.