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We Tortured Some Folks

What a disgusting way to bring up our past transgressions. To use such language in an attempt to disarm people about the horrendous things that we have done is despicable. I would expect the Commander in Chief to approach such vile actions with a more solemn demeanor.

This is a completely and utter travesty. Some truly horrendous things were done to people. The things that were done to these people were vile and unforgivable even if they were done to enemies. For many of these people there is not proof that they were terrorists. Weʼre supposed to be above this. These were not actions of a civilized country. We have no right to complain about humanitarian issues in other countries when we ourselves are willing to do such things.

This is hardly the most important thing that is happening. all across our nation, we have people protesting entrenched systematic oppression of black people. This includes the apparent acceptance of Police killing black people that seemingly the majority of the United States supports. Certainly other groups of people face similar issue but black people have bared the grunt of it. Black peopleʼs lives matter.

It feels awfully suspicious the timing of the release of the document. Something important is already happening and this feels like an attempt to bury this under more important things. I doubt that there is a connection but, even if unintentional, it seems like to work. With this countryʼs short attention span and news cycle that weʼll get a chance at meaningful change with at most one of these issues. There is no doubt in my mind about what the most important issue is: eliminating the systematic oppression of minority groups. At the same time, everyone responsible for these vile acts needs to be convicted of war crimes, up to and including former President George W. Bush and President Barrack Obama.