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Another way to support ruin

Recently I announced my tip jar. The tip jar is great if you happen to want to send me a couple of dollars. If you wanted to provide ongoing support, it was a bit difficult to do. So Iʼm launching a Patreon.

One of my goals for this year is to make this site break even. The best way to do this, I feel, is to have people support me every single month. That will help me keep motivated and help me pay for the monthly expenses associated with running this site. By far the most accepted way to go about doing this is to setup a Patreon so, thats what Iʼve done.

Iʼve also tried to align my readerʼs interests with my own. Iʼve chosen to get paid per article. This seems to be align with what you want, you pay me and I produce more content for you to read. Of course, this could get out of hand. I could start to optimize for income. To push this to the extreme, I would be publishing many short articles every month. I really donʼt think that that anyone would be happy with that situation, so Iʼve decided on a set of guidelines that should produce the optimum situation for all of us.

I will publish as many article as I feel like every month. Some months I feel more drawn to writing than others and this will allow me to produce what I perceive to be quality articles without any sense of pressure that Iʼm underperforming. Of course, this doesnʼt prevent the problem that I previously discussed, so I need to place some limits on the number of articles that I can publish every month. I think that 6 month should be the maximum. Even if I submit more than that, Iʼll only receive support for the first six articles every month. In addition, they must be full articles ad not little linked-list posts. In addition, posts like this, i.e. posts about my site, will not be supported by readers. I think that this simple set of guidelines will bring us to the optimum state. If you have a better idea, please leave me a note on what I can do better.

Thank you for reading this, I really hope that you choose to support me. I really like writing for this site and Iʼd like it to be a successful venture. Whatever you can manage would be great, even just $1 per article. Unfortunately, I donʼt have anything special to give you yet. Iʼm trying to come up with something special for those of you that choose to support me. Thanks for being a part of my site.