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jekyll-picture-tag 0.2.3

Iʼve recently taken over maintaining jekyll-picture-tags. jekyll-picture-tags is a plugin for Jekyll to add a Liquid tag for doing <picture> elements. Picture elements are useful for doing responsive images, Iʼve been using it here on Ruin for quite a bit of time.

For my first release, Iʼve made a couple of small improvements. First off is a pull request that I created a few months ago. It speeds up the site builds when all of the images have already been generated. The other improvement is that you can now install it as a gem instead of copying it into your _plugin folder. You still need to add Picturefill to your site for the polyfill.

I have many plans for jekyll-picture-tags. Iʼd like to add some tests but, Iʼm not sure exactly how that will work. Iʼm also hoping to simplify installation further. Take a look and let me know what you think. Iʼm also looking for contributors.