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Announcing my Tip Jar

I sure hope that you enjoy reading my site, I know that I really enjoy writing for it. Unfortunately, this site costs me a fair amount of money. That is something that Iʼm trying to change this year. I really donʼt want to go down the advertising route as I think that leads to all sorts of compromises. Iʼd love it if Ruin could be completely reader supported. To that end, I have a number of things planned for this year, the first of which is a tip jar. If you like my writing and want to send me a couple of dollars, now you can.

To that end, Iʼve added a link to my $cashtag to my brand new support page. I generally like Square and Iʼm happy to use one of their products. If you donʼt link Square as much as I do, you can also use Paypal.