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2016 - The Tools I Use

This year is quite a big change from previous years. I’m no longer using MacOS, this year I’ve switched to using Arch Linux.


  • vim - not a whole lot to say here.
  • mutt & offlineimap - I’ve grown tired of graphical email clients. This combination really works for me.
  • pass - pass uses files encrypted with your pgp key. It’s a good way to store credentials that you need in your shell. I’ve written a shell script to securely handle my aws credentials. I also use it to encrypt my mail credentials.
  • ejrnl - I previously used Day One but, I wanted something that I could use on Linux and that encrypted my journal entries. I wasn’t able to find something that really fit what I was looking for so, I built it.
  • Zeal - zeal is a clone of Dash for Linux. It works pretty well. It isn’t nearly as nice as Dash but, it does the job
  • LibreOffice Fresh - Again, there isn’t a whole to say here. An office suite is a nearly universal requirement. LibreOffice is ok, it gets the job done.
  • Ansible - I’ve been using ansible as my primary configuration management tool for quite a while. There are a large number of things that I don’t like about it but, out of the options, it feels the best to me.


  • Tweetbot - Tweetbot is a pretty good twitter client
  • Signal - signal is a secure messaging application.
  • Daedalus - Daedalus is a text editor. I don’t like it very much but, there aren’t many text editors that sync over WebDAV.
  • Prompt 2 - Prompt is an ssh client for iOS. There are a couple of them available for iOS but prompt is the best.
  • Transmit - Transmit is an sftp client for iOS. It works pretty great and makes editing remote files not quite so painful.
  • Working Copy - Working Copy is a git app for iOS. It works pretty well.


  • Enpass - Enpass is a password manager. It’s a decent looking app that actually has a Linux version. It also syncs over WebDAV.
  • Amazon Music - it has pretty good selection and web client.


  • Wordpress - this site runs on Wordpress. I don’t like it but it works well. I’m not happy about it but, it works.
  • nextcloud - it’s a bit hard to explain what nextcloud is. It’s a variety of software that is usually hosted in the cloud. It does file syncing, has a calendar app, a todo app, and contacts.
  • plex - I’ve written about plex before. It’s a great way to manage you videos.