Trump repeals law that protected workers at Federal contractors →

Trump has repealed a rule that could be used to take companies’ federal contracts away if they had too many worker wage or safety violations. This isn’t nefarious at all. I’m sure there are perfectly good reasons to not pay your workers or to be their health in danger. Those workers have way too much power over their employers. Yeah, no. This is fucked up.

Republicans shut down the release of Trump’s tax return →

Seriously, why? The republicans started the trend of releasing tax returns. Given that Trump hasn’t digested from his business (because he can’t), we should at least know what he has going on. The only reason I can think of to block them is if there really is something going on and they’re all complicit.

Jared Kushner to lead swat team for implementing business ideas in government →

In no way should the government run like a business. In our capitilalist society, a business’ goal is to maximize profits. A governments goal should be to provide the maximum benefits at the lowest cost. These are very different goals and this is very likely to make things worse for everyone.

Remember that debt ceiling thing →

Remember the debt ceiling debates that we’ve had over the last few years? Remember how it always became a big ordeal? This year, it has barely been mentioned despite the deadline having expired earlier in the month. Our country is running on emergency funds but nary a peep out of anyone on this issue. Further evidence of how fucked up our government currently is.