Ruin The assorted ramblings of Brendan Tobolaski

Our Lives as a Line Item

What we are witnessing now is an inevitable result of capitalism. Our government chooses to reward the capitalist the capitalists by killing off 45,000 people per year and forcing 10s of millions more into eternal fear of medical bankruptcy. Our lives are nothing more than a paycheck for the richest of us. Its a cold, calculated decision to maximize profits.

The question of our time (and probably every other time) is what is the value of a life? Does every person have innate value or is your worth dependent on your accumulation of wealth? Does every human have a right to their life? The in power regime has a clear answer to all of these. A human’s only worth is the wealth that they manage to accumulate. Only those that are able to afford it can keep their lives. These answers are reprehensible. All life has intrinsic value.

This is exactly what a class war looks like. The rich calculating exactly how much they can make by killing us off, while insisting that we must discuss the subject politely. We will not sit idly by and discuss our extermination politely. We can’t play by their rules, they exist to keep themselves in control. We can’t afford that control. We will pay with our lives