US considering preemptive strike against North Korea →

Well all those people that we’re rooting for giant asteroid 2016, may be only slightly off. It turns out, it’s probably going to be a thermonuclear warhead from North Korea. If only we had an executive branch that had an iota of diplomacy experience.

Note that Congress still hasn’t authorized any military actions by the Trump Administration.

The Democrats blew the Kansas election →

The Democrats have embraced neoliberalism at their core and as such have firmly entrenched themselves as the centralist party. They refuse to support the far left candidates that are gaining support. James Thompson came within two percentage points of flipping a district that has been red for 20 years. If the national democrats or the democrats of Kansas had lifted a finger, they could have flipped this district. Instead, we have another Trump subject inhabiting Congress.

The Democrats need to adapt or they will die. Much like the tea party has taken over the cowardly Republicans, the hard left is coming. They can either to choose to embrace it or watch our country crumble.

Trump is threatening to withhold insurers payments →

This is fucking bullshit. Trump couldn’t come up with a heathcare plan that works for his party and is now threatening to withhold money essential to our current healthcare system. How fucking childish is that? They have control of both houses and the presidency so, they could enact whatever policy they see fit and yet they’re just pulling the rug out from the majority of people’s healthcare. This is inspire of the fact that MediCare for all is the most popular healthcare reform in the country.