Trump didn’t expect it to be this hard to be president →

The racism is strong with this one. Apparently if a Black man can do it well, it should be easier than running a shitty business empire. I can’t believe that this needs to be said, being the president is a very hard job. The president has a huge number of responsibilities and if you fail, you can hurt hundreds of millions of United States citizens and potentially the whole world.

Bill O’Rielly is scum →

Bill O’Rielly has been accused by a large number of women of various forms of sexual harassment. As the self-proclaimed voice of common sense, here’s some common sense, throw his ass in jail.

This is just further evidence that Fox News is trash. They enable this fucker because he brings in more money than he costs them. Many women have been traumatized by O’Rielly and to Fox News, they are but a business expense. Deplorable.

Republicans repeal Title X →

Without even bothering to state why they want to repeal title X, the republicans can have passed it. This is an outrageous attack on women’s healthcare and particularly on poor women. This makes it much harder for women to get reproductive care, including mammograms, Pap smears and other cancer detection services. It also means it is much harder to get birth control. None of the funds made available through title X could be used for abortion, in fact, Title X has significantly reduced the abortion rate. This will lead to increased unplanned pregnancy rates which will increase both the rate of abortions and the cycle of poverty. This is a disgusting attack of women’s healthcare by the disgusting men of the right.