There aren’t many coal jobs to bring back →

You know all of those wonderful coal jobs that Trump has promised to bring back? Yeah, there’s not so many of them. The republicans are willing to destroy the environment for less jobs than Arby’s employs. Not to mention that Natural Gas is displacing Coal due to its cost benefits. Seems like it’s a perfectly natural time to let the coal industry die and to give the miners training.

Republicans repeal Title X →

Without even bothering to state why they want to repeal title X, the republicans can have passed it. This is an outrageous attack on women’s healthcare and particularly on poor women. This makes it much harder for women to get reproductive care, including mammograms, Pap smears and other cancer detection services. It also means it is much harder to get birth control. None of the funds made available through title X could be used for abortion, in fact, Title X has significantly reduced the abortion rate. This will lead to increased unplanned pregnancy rates which will increase both the rate of abortions and the cycle of poverty. This is a disgusting attack of women’s healthcare by the disgusting men of the right.

Republicans shut down the release of Trump’s tax return →

Seriously, why? The republicans started the trend of releasing tax returns. Given that Trump hasn’t digested from his business (because he can’t), we should at least know what he has going on. The only reason I can think of to block them is if there really is something going on and they’re all complicit.

The Republicans pull another one from the Nazi playbook →

So, remember that bullshit Trump has been spewing about voter fraud? There’s no evidence of that and even the republicans are saying that now but, they’re justifying voter suspension because of the perception of voter fraud. A perception that they instilled in their followers that has zero basis in fact. Where have we seen this before? Nazi Germany, of course.