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The Case for Moderation

I’ve heard a defense of the Democrats this week from multiple sources. It seems to boil down to, the Democrats need to move slowly because they need to work with people that don’t agree with them. Then this is the reason that Democrats are slow to move on things.

Frankly, this is bullshit. Look at the destructive force of this administration. They don’t give a shit about those how aren’t in the party, hell they don’t even care about their own voters. These people that they’re ignoring happen to be the majority of the county. So we now have an administration that is pushing an unpopular agenda at an alarming rate. I’m certainly not advocating that Democrats start pushing an unpopular agenda but, theres no reason to move at a snails pace. Its pretty clear that the Democrats centrist trend to win the hearts and minds of the country is clearly not working.

It also feels very disingenuous. On issues like marriage equality, Hillary Clinton didn’t start supporting it until after the majority of the country supported it. Now, she is only one person but, I remember this being a fairly common position in the Democrats. This is not the way that I want my part to behave. I want them leading the charge on social issues.

On other issues, the Democrats are not only waiting for the majority of the country to support it, they are on the opposite side of the country. Single Payer health care is supported by 57% of the country and yet nearly all Democrats are against it. It is issues like these where it is clear that the Democrats are the central party. Unfortunately, that doesn’t leave anywhere for more progressive people to go. Due to our simple voting system, we’re stuck with only two parties and we can pick the status quo or the fascists. That isn’t much of a choice.

This results in what some call the cult of Bernie Sanders. He one of very few truly progressive politicians. His run for president was deeply polarizing on the left due to the aforementioned direction of the Democratic party. This is problematic as he, like all politicians is deeply flawed. While he is pushing for social programs that will benefit everyone, he is completely unwilling to tackle white supremacy. Given the lack of other candidates, he ends up being championed more than he deserves.

The Trump administration has been quickly demolishing the social safety net. They’ve also been attacked women on multiple fronts. They’ve also been stocking the nativist sentiments in their base. Our response cannot be measured. We can accept nothing less than the full restoration of everything that we are losing under Trump and a complete course correction. It must be swift, anything less is decidedly a victory for the regressive agenda.