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Yes, I'm a Socialist

I’m a socialist, with everything that goes with it. Wage labor is required for capitalism and wage labor is exploitation. Therefore, exploitation is central to capitalism. I don’t think that the primary result of our economy should be the increased wealth of the upper class. We have the ability to ensure that no one lives in poverty and I feel that we have the moral obligation to do so. This doesn’t mean that I don’t support measures that improve lives while keeping capitalism.

If you’d like to push for a living wage, I’m all for that. While I believe that we need universal income, pushing for a living wage will be a massive positive effect on a huge section of our population. In fact, everyone does better when people earn a living wage except for the capitalists. People are freer to start businesses when they have more money. People are more willing to spend money in said businesses when they have more money. That economic action generates more revenue due to sales tax, payroll and other such taxes. This isn’t hard to figure out.

I believe that universal healthcare should be something that everyone should get behind. While the Affordable Care Act is a massive improvement over what we had previously, we can do better. We pay more our healthcare and end up with worse results. Even for people with insurance, people need to hope that they don’t end up with a major medical condition. It is not moral to leave people with the possibility of losing everything due to an illness. We already have two socialized insurances and they are both well regarded, they just aren’t available to everyone: Medicare and Tricare.

If you’d like to reform the criminal justice system, I’m all for that. I believe that we need to end the war on drugs. Frankly, it is primarily used to put people of color in jail. Furthermore, as the legalization of marijuana in a few states, as shown, it can be a huge source of revenue for the state. This money can be used for many things: addiction treatment and education to name a couple. Moving on from drugs, we need to make it an issue if police kill people. The situations in which I think it is justifiable for police to fire a lethal weapon are very few. In particular, the way that everyone just looks the other way when the police execute a black person needs to change.

I’m fully willing to make changes for the benefit of all even within the capitalist system. For a more complete listing of my views, see my beliefs. The only things that I won’t work on are things that will make people’s lives worse or that will prevent future progress.